Five tips for Sundance survival…

Doug Blush from TWENTY FEET FROM STARDOM here in the 2013 Documentary Competition, with some hard won tips bought at a high price over many years of Sundance attendance!  These are but five of the dozens of things that become part of your survival in this strange, cold, beautiful but potentially deadly land (sorry, I actually lifted that from some promo material about Werner Herzog’s ENCOUNTERS AT THE END OF THE WORLD or something…)

1)  Drink your own body mass in water.  Every day.  This will offset the equal body mass of free Stellas and vodka that will be force-fed on you.

2)  DON’T BUY TICKETS AHEAD OF TIME!  This may sound ridiculous, but the bottom line is that you won’t know what you’re doing day to day here until the actual days.  Amazing interactions will happen that are much more interesting than the ticket you have pulled for Saturday at 7:30…and you’ll end up giving it away and rightly going off to have some great adventure in the real world.  Save your money, wait until Tuesday or so  if you can to see films and just start getting in wait lines!

3)  SEE THE BIGGER FESTIVAL…two of the best venues here are the New Frontiers art instillation space and the ASCAP Music Cafe downtown.  You could just do these two things and you’d have a great time here.  Also look for panels at the Filmmakers Lounge.

4)  NEVER, EVER pay for a meal here.  Okay, maybe a bit of an exaggeration, but it’s a point of pride for a young filmmaker to take advantage of the massive amount of food that’s free all over Park City and save money for tickets and other things.  If you’re paying for food…you’re doing it wrong.  Pro tip if needing a cheap meal, however…beware the Main Street Pizza and Noodle Co…it’s fine but $$$, and Davanza’a Pizza, Tacos and beer on Park Ave near Heber is cheaper and more fun.

5)  About getting into parties and events… a) always seem to be entirely supposed to be there – don’t sheepishly peek around  b) be slightly incredulous and baffled, in a good-natured way that you’re not on the list, and c) DO NOT be an a**hole to the front door check-in folk if they refuse…humor them, be charming, talk about your film and hope for the best!  And d)  TIP YOUR SERVERS, folks!

Stay warm and away from the wrong bus,

Yr. pal Doug


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