Playing Catch Up

Since Sunday, I have been swamped with a number of things to do.  Quickly, I’ll play catch up.

On Monday, I was fortunate enough to PA for an interview with director Park Chan-wook, whose new film Stoker is playing the festival.  In the evening, I gripped for a Sea Wolf concert at the Music Café.  I saw Giorgio Diritti’s There Will Come a Day about an Italian woman working for social change in Brazil.

Tuesday, I saw Shane Carruth’s Upstream Color, a film with a lot of buzz.  This is Carruth’s first film since 2004’s Primer, and to me it was a wholly unique cinematic experience, one that I felt lucky to be able to see at Sundance.

Wednesday found me PA-ing for a live stream of a discussion with actors Juno Temple and Robin Weigert, both of whom have films at the festival.  They were intelligent, poised, and individuals who seemed capable of great artistic achievement.  That evening, I saw Shaka King’s Newlyweeds, one of the “Next” films (meaning it was made for little to no money).  Newlyweeds had some of the best-written moments of the festival, and hit a great tonal balance of funny comedy and lingering dramatic pathos.

Finally, Thursday was a day of helping prepare to ship equipment back to Los Angeles and celebrating my volunteer coordinator’s birthday.  I saw The Rambler, a midnight film by Calvin Lee Reeder, and was wholly won over by the experience.

Today, I face exhaustion and another opportunity to enjoy Sundance 2013.

The Rambler

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