So the first night ends with a bang…and there is much to cover (Part One)

When I decided that this was the year I was going to the Sundance Film Festival, I had an outer-body experience. All I could do leading up to the second week of the festival was make excited squeals and make bizarre hand gestures. The full impact that I was actually going did not hit me until I was in a cab with three friends heading to Park City from the airport.

The first thing you see when heading to Park City is snow. Everywhere is a smooth sheet of white and the snow-covered mountains are gorgeous. I could get use to that.

Despite the glitz of the major premieres and movie stars and industry professionals milling about the first week, the second week is where one has a greater chance of seeing films. Definitely not guaranteed as I later experienced but a much higher percentage to get in. I spent a good three hours deciding what films to see and reading the reviews came out to aid in my decision-making. I decided that I would try to see Wish You Were Here, Nobody Walks, and Blackrock my first day.

I have been looking forward to seeing Wish You Were Here ever since the trailer for the film came out and the prospect of seeing a new film with Joel Edgerton in it was exciting. He’s one of the best actors out there right now and his past film Animal Kingdom which premiered at Sundance in 2010 was a breakout hit. (I also have a weakness for Australian accents.) Alas, my attempt to get in through the wait list came up short. Despite the Library Theater holding over 400 people, only two people from the wait list got in. Yes, only two people were let in. There’s heartbreak for you after waiting in line and seeing a mass of pass and ticket holders rush in only 15 minutes before the movie up until after the movie was supposed to start. People say that you will not see every film you plan to see and I was prepared for that, but it still hurts.

To be continued in the next post for dramatic effect but actually because of length.


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