We’re winding down.

I was about five minutes too late to get a volunteer ticket to David Lowery’s Ain’t Them Bodies Saints, a film that has been getting a lot of excitement.  Saints and the surrealist neo-noir drama, Escape From Tomorrow, are my two biggest regrets for films I missed at Sundance.  Escape From Tomorrow was shot in Disney World without permits, and so has dubious speculation as to whether or not it will get distribution as it squares legal matters with Walt Disney.

After helping the Creative Services department in the morning with miscellaneous errands (including an odyssey to a hardware store), I eventually met up with my Creative Services comrades for an evening of bonding and watching David Andalman’s MilkshakeMilkshake is a coming of age story that follows a white teen in the 1990s as he strives to excel on his school’s varsity basketball team and fit in with the minorities of his community.  The film has a (sometimes annoyingly) self-aware spirit, and owes a lot to the films of Todd Solondz in establishing tone and the kinds of characters it presents.  I thought the casting was excellent, and there are moments that are socially progressive and laugh-out-loud funny, but as a feature narrative, Milkshake never took off.

Today we will prepare for streaming the awards program before dispersing tomorrow.

A Creative Services volunteer relaxes before David Andalman’s Milkshake

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