Arrival at Sundance: Wish You Were Here

Friday, January 19th, held my first real day at Sundance. I arrived late the night before but was immediately struck by the high energy atmosphere buzzing with a universal passion for film. The cold winter air almost felt static with excitement.

Unsure of my decision to go the wait-list route I woke up extra early Friday morning to catch a bus to my first screening, Wish You Were Here, at Eccles theater, the largest in Park City.

What a great way to start off the festival. This enthralling Australian film marks the feature-length directorial debut of Kieren Darcy-Smith who played the role of Baz in the widely acclaimed film Animal Kingdom which showed at Sundance in 2010.  The film tells the story of four friends who set off on a South East Asian vacation, and in the throws of their adventures, one of them disappears. One couple, Dave and Alice, returns to Sydney to their two young kids and desperately await any news. Alice’s sister Steph, returns a few days later without any luck and bearing a terrible secret that could tear their family apart, but her’s is not the only one. The film navigates through twists and turns, secrets and truths that paint a heart wrenching tail of tragedy, love, betrayal and trust. It communicates these themes with such a reality that I would recommend this film to anyone.

More to come.

SCA Alumnae Stacey Sher at the Airport

We ran into SCA Alumnae Stacey Sher in the airport on the way to Sundance.

She’s here as part of Universal’s Centennial celebration screening of Reality Bites

After the festival, she’s back to the set of Tarantino’s Django Unchained.

Stay tuned for more updates.


We have arrived

Apparently we missed the snow by one day. Associate Dean of Comm and PR Kristin Borella  and I (Ryan Gilmour) arrived at Sundance. We have a dinner meeting tonight and then we’re off to the young film mogul party with friends of SCA Iron Mountain.

How is everyone else doing at Sundance? It’s crazy and the streets are packed but it’s been fun.