SUNDANCE 2015: A Tale of Two Films – An Intro

Sundance Top Scroll

Hello to all at SCA and beyond…I’m Doug Blush, currently at Sundance 2015 with the new documentaries THE HUNTING GROUND (as co-editor and associate producer) as well as  SEMBENE! in the International Documentary Competition (as consulting editor).  This is just a quick first greeting before a big ramble to come about our films, what Sundance is about this year, and what it means to have a premiere (or two!) here.  These are my eighth and ninth films in the festival over the last decade, and the first year I also come to Park City as a faculty member…I’m teaching 535 Intermediate Editing at USC this semester!

I’m hoping to post more today…the first four days of my time here have been packed with amazing moments, great conversations with other filmmakers, and the occasional old school punk band or two.  Looking forward to sharing more when I come back in out of the cold…

For now, I’ll add a link to both THE HUNTING GROUND’s trailer, and SEMBENE!’s Kickstarter (which was very successful!) to give you an idea of each film.  More to come…

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