SCA @ Sundance: Photo Gallery

This year, a wealth of SCA alums, student, faculty, staff and friends visited the Sundance Film Festival, resulting in an unforgettable time in Park City. Check out some of their photos below; click on any to see in full view.


These USC alumni filmmakers show school pride at Sundance with a big “Fight On!”

USC Alumni Filmmakers at the Riverhorse Tavern during the SCA Filmmaker Party

SCA Head of Alumni Relations Justin Wilson, SCA Associate Director Kristi Patton, USC Associate Director of Alumni Clubs and Communities Erin Jabovy, SCA Student Industry Relations (SIR) Office Manager Ali Sarafoglou and SIR Director of Professional Development Bonnie Chi

Jeff Kehe, Landen Michael White, David Minnihan, Jared Lewis

Tyler Stevens and Bonnie Chi

Jason Berman, Chris Ridenhaur, Justin Wilson

Corey and Jessica Bodeh-Creed, Aaron Marshall

Reza Safinia, John Burr, Ashley Avis, Jonathan Fuhrman

Jose Tamayo, Kara Duncan, Alex Kattan

Sarah Malkin, Doug Blush, Emily Barclay, Alex Buono

The team behind the Award-Winning Fruitvale: Co-Producer Sev Ohanian, Editor Michael Shawver ‘12, Writer/Director Ryan Coogler ‘11 and Composer Ludwig Goransson

George Klippel and Justin Wilson

Efraim Walker, Kimberly Rosenblum, Jennifer Cohen, Andy Tan, Justin Goldberg, Mike Hartman